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Journey to the secret world of Tantra, the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation...

Tantric Journey to Female Orgasm
Women's erotica pioner Deborah Sundahl explains how to incorporate spirituality into our sex life — an ancient view of being sexual that can truly satisfy our deepest yearnings for intimacy, love and pleasure.

Dr Gary Schubach shows us what the g-spot and female ejaculation is and where it is located.

Learn what these female waters are, where they come from and how to start yours flowing!

Reawaken the exquisite sensitivity of the g-spot with a trained masseusse. Discover the g-spot's hidden sensations of intense pleasure, its incredible storehouse of emotions, and its treasure of connectedness to self and others.

Also featuring Deborah Sundahl/Fanny Fatale:

Sexuality Book:
Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot - The definitive primer on female ejaculation, historical and instructional.

Sex Education Video:
Female Ejaculation: The Workshop - Shot in Paris, three beautiful French actresses learn to female ejaculate. Funny, intimate behind-the-scenes bonus extras too. In English.

How to Female Ejaculate: Find Your G-Spot - Deborah Sundahl teaches you to awaken your ability to ejaculate. Watch Fanny and three other women demonstrate astonishing female ejaculations.

Female Ejaculation for Couples: Share Your G-Spot - G-spot diva Deborah Sundahl works with three couples on how to create free and plentiful ejaculations during lovemaking.

Tantric Journey to Female Orgasm: Awaken Your G-Spot - A spiritual exploration of tantra, the g-spot and female ejaculation.

Lesbian Video:
Clips - Pure porn with Fanny Fatale. Watch Fanny masturbate to a stunning ejaculation in this hot video.

BurLEZK II - Pure porn with Fanny Fatale. Watch Fanny masturbate to a stunning ejaculation in this hot video.
Tantric Journey to Female Orgasm

A sacred sexual union with devotional couple Raul and Dakini Corynna shows how ejaculation pours forth from a woman open to pleasure and alive in her body, emotions and spirit with a man also in tune and knowledgeable about these ancient feminine secrets.

Deborah Sundahl photo Artist, publisher and videographer Debbie Sundahl has been creating “erotica with intelligence and spirit from a woman’s point of view” for 15 years.

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