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Sondra Goodwin Sondra Goodwin on the Making of
Take Her Down! Lesbian Erotic Oil Wrestling Party

Sondra Goodwin, Writer & Director

The night before the shoot I sat there at my kitchen table thinking, when all of a sudden it was as if the whole cast were standing before me and I felt my heart open and I felt a deep love for each one of them. Not because we had been through thick and thin together, or because we had sworn to keep in touch forever, but because we were about to embark on an experience that was new to us all, and risky. We were at the threshhold of creating something beautiful together, demonstrating implicitly trust in each other, total strangers some; that was the real act of love involved here.

I heard myself saying to them: It is not only Raven and Butch that will be making love, but each and every one of you, just like it is not only the genitals that are involved in love making but the whole body. The wrestling mat represents the sex, so think of yourself as the larger body, every gesture you make, every look you give will be an act of love; it is this that lovemaking is all about, everything is involved, and I wanted everyone to be involved. The intimacy, the connection, the sensuality, beauty and finally the climax.

But if it were only about fucking everyone except Raven and Butch could go home now and all they’d have to do is spread their legs and go at it, like in most other porno; that is the true degradation, the lack of feeling.

I want you to think of the whole video as making love.

The excitement of the initial meeting, the motorcycles disappearing into an unknown, like embarking on a new sexual adventure, and the playfulness of that is represented by the pool scene.

The sensuality of the seduction takes place during the body-painting scene.

The anticipation building all the time and being held in check for just a little longer by the ritual foot-bathing.

Then comes the foreplay, the contact, wrestling, the feeling, and the sensation of the first touch of skin on skin.

Then, the giving in, the submitting this part of you to another person and them to you, building in the edits themselves as they speed up to represent a visual climax, and the release.

Since for women it is not all over with one orgasm they keep on going, moving into the fucking scene in the shower. While Raven and Butch are having sex physically, the moaning scene will connect each one of you to them as you physically show your emotional involvement in your faces.

When you feel lost and searching for that emotion, just close your eyes and think of a moment when you felt ecstatic, where everything felt right, even if you were alone you felt a connection to everything and everyone and knew it would all be okay.

This is just like the video, and like sex no matter what happens, and despite none of us having done this before, we can access this feeling of knowing without having been though it.

You are here to display sexiness, which has nothing to do with how you look, but is an attitude, a projection of how you feel.

When did you last feel that?

Know that just like remembering facts you can remember feelings, and when you do, you can actually feel them in that moment.

We will remember and shine with sensuality and beauty; that is what sex is all about, the pleasure one feels inside.

The next day when we were actually together, had already shot the scenes leading up to the wrestling, it was time to face that this was really a porno, not just a pool party and it was about to get serious because there was sex involved.

I thought this was the time for my speech, then realized not only did I remember little but that little was needed; everyone was so naturally at ease and exuding their own sexiness, they did not need my words. It was the whole cast that was carrying me along.

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