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Faces of Ecstasy

This fascinating video, produced by Good Vibrations founder Joani Blank, features candid views of the faces of ten women and three men as they experience orgasm. The video starts with a ten minute montage of faces and ends with a 20 minute portrait of the arousal and orgasm of Midori. Seeing the grimaces, grins and giggles on these faces before, during and after orgasm is surprising and arousing.

DVD includes a full hour of additional footage, including the original 9-minute video that inspired Faces of Ecstasy.

Orgasm! The Faces of Ecstasy

“Faces of Ecstasy is far and away the most interesting erotic film I've seen in months. People so comfortable in their physical beings that they allow us to gaze into their eyes while they bare their souls. This video is just too good to ignore.” - Sharon Peters, Libido

“It's absolutely magnetic... Everybody looks great when they're coming, no matter who they are!” - Richard Pacheco, Spectator

“Impressed the hell out of me. Wish I had thought of it!” - Annie Sprinkle

DVD: $19.95


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