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The Crash Pad Series Volume 4 – Rope Burn –  Lesbian Sex DVD

The Crash Pad Series Volume 4 - Rope Burn

120 minutes including bonus extras.

DVD: $29.95  

- Out-of-Stock.

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The Crash Pad Series Volume 4
- Rope Burn

DVD and bonus extras: $29.95BUY NOW!

- Out-of-Stock.

The Crash Pad Series Volume 4 - Rope Burn - by Shine Louise Houston finds us back at the crash pad, a lesbian sex hideaway where lesbians come to have any kind of sex they want.

And off to the side, in a little annex, there’s a voyeur watching, the beautiful Shine Louise Houston herself.

First introduced in The Crash Pad, the room itself has played host to a pretty stable cast of lesbian and queer characters, but now Shine Louise Houston has introduced several fresh new faces and fresh new bodies.

In these five scenes, Houston has put the focus back on gender queer sex with butches and femmes and added a spicy dose of S&M to the mix.


Brooklyn and Carson
Brooklyn and Carson

In Scene 1, an interracial gender queer couple—Brooklyn Flaco and Carson, her gorgeous femme—finger-fuck each other until they each have achingly intense orgasms.

Lots of sweet kissing between these dykes.

Don’t miss the superhero underpants!

Unshaved and unpierced, these two don’t use the traditional lesbian toys. There are no strap-on dildos. Instead, watch as they perform that most blissful lesbian sex act: finger-fucking.


Dallas and Jiz in a butch-butch embrace
Dallas and Jiz in a butch-butch embrace

The second scene features butch-butch couple Dallas and Jiz Lee – both stars of Champion. This is an athletic and downright primal scene, with spanking, chest pounding, nipple pinching and a very sexy dyke moment with a big, black double-headed dildo.


Sadie Lune and her femme bottom Tricksie
Sadie Lune and her femme bottom Tricksie

Scene 3 features the femme Sadie Lune, a pro dom top, and her femme bottom. Both are cut from the same Goth cloth, with black dress, lacy black stockings and black eyeliner.

And while the pro dom keeps her cool, the bottom lets go in soaking, screaming orgasms. There are no fewer than four—count ‘em—four gushing orgasms courtesy of Tricksie Treat, the bottom.


Butch-femme loving with Cash and Stella
Butch-femme loving with Cash and Stella

In scene 4 we get the attractive butch-femme couple Cash and Stella in what starts out as a good old-fashioned romp in the hay. But this loving couple has something else in mind—surprising role reversal. Also surprising are their tidy waxed pussies.

The femme Stella is naked from the start, and the sexy butch Cash, with her Elvis-like butch sex appeal, starts out on top.

But then Stella is on top, and we get a rare look at the vulnerable butch on her back, getting finger-fucked and then fucked with a strapon in this tender and sexy moment.

There’s no stopping these two passionate dykes in their quest for more. The femme is going to get hers too, and before we know it, Stella is down on her knees with Cash sucking her and fucking her doggie-style, her thumb in Stella’s butt.

The couple’s orgasms are very sexy, sweaty and breathy orgasms without a lot of screaming. Real and hot and worth getting out your vibrator for!


Muscle Beach gets a serious spanking
Muscle Beach gets a serious spanking

The sleeper in Crash Pad Series Volume 4 is the final scene between “Muscle Beach” and Ex, a dildo-wielding long-haired mama who’s been on top clearly for a long, long time.

Interestingly enough, this is Ex’s porn debut. Bring it on! Ex is affectionate and funny, unafraid to laugh at herself or the scene or her little queer boi who is “late” for their rendezvous.

The scene starts slow—as it should—with Ex using her serious scissors to cut the T-shirt and breast-binding material off her boi toy. There are two very funny moments early on —during Ex’s smoke break and involving the removal of a hair from the boi toy’s mouth.

Ex and Muscle Beach
Ex and Muscle Beach

Spanking, slapping, asphyxiation play, cocksucking, dildo-sucking and the bright red welts Ex raises—all accomplished while her boi toy is bound up tight—make this one dyke sex ride that will have you holding your breath to see what comes next.

The scene, arguably the best scene on the DVD, shows off Ex’s expertise with ropes, her experienced power play and welcome sense of humor, the perfect ending to Shine Louise Houston’s fourth installment of the lesbian sex Crash Pad series. 

Clit-tingling good!

DVD: $29.95
- Out-of-Stock.
The Crash Pad Series
Volume 4 - Rope Burn

120 minutes including bonus extras
DVD $29.95

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