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Sugar High Glitter City

Sugar High Glitter City

DVD only. 82 minutes.
Extra scenes and outtakes.

  DVD: $29.95

  In Stock. Ships within 24 hours.


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Sugar High Glitter City-OUT OF STOCK

Best Soundtrack
Best All-Girl Feature
Best All-Girl Sex Scene
  DVD: $29.95

  In Stock. Ships within 24 hours.

Best Lesbian Porn



Sugar is outlawed and dykes will stop at nothing to get it...even selling their own bodies. Real-life, full-force, glam-sleazy dyke sex reigns in this real lesbian sex video with hot lesbian dildo sex packed throughout.

Shot on location in San Francisco and narrated by none other than Honey Lee Cottrell, this is some of the hottest dildo lesbian sex we’ve seen in quite some time. The lesbian sugar ho’s stop at nothing to get some sugar.

Don’t miss the Asian butch lesbian hustler Rock Candy and her beautiful brown-skinned model who goes in big for the Daddy girl fantasy lesbian role-play.

One scene that’ll get you wet no matter what is the two black lesbian lovers Marmalade and Salt Taffy who get down and dirty on the club floor.

And if lesbian threeways are your thing, watch out for blond bombshell Honey Dew (Shar Rednour), sultry Cherry Glaze and the ever-studly Jackie Strano in a delicious butch femme femme sex scene.

Music by the Hail Marys, Elitrea + Kali, MC Katastrophe and MC STD, Bitch and Animal and Patty Boss.

“[T]his film has some of the hottest sex we've ever seen between two girls on-screen.”

Curve Magazine, Courtney Trouble, "Hot 'n' Heavy"

“This video has it all: hot sex, cool music, a retro seventies vibe wedded to a funky sc-fi premise, and even a coherent plot. Sugar is the drug of the future; sugar pimps and candy ho's rule the gritty urban streets. Jackie Strano is a corrupt cop who shakes down the girls for sex and Pixie Stix, Shar Rednour is a born-again preacher, reformed ho--and Strano's ex-lover. It all culminates in a wild threesome. The flat-out glam of this flick makes it unique.”

On Our Backs, 20th year anniversary issue (Top Ten Dyke Pornos of all time!)

“From Uber-Femme Shar Rednour comes this hot new lesbian erotic film for your viewing pleasure. Sugar High Glitter City is a futuristic sexcapade that ushers the comeback of the (never existent) '70s’ dykesexploitation genre. Sugar is outlawed and cane-addicted dykes stop at nothing to get it, even selling their own sweaty bodies. Glitter City's underworld is loaded with sugar pimps and candy ho's. Accompanied by a pumping soundtrack, this sexy and diverse cast takes us on a belly crawl to an urban glam and candy coated fuck-fest.

“Jackie Strano and Shar Rednour deliver, yet again, another action-packed sexual escapade, but this time they add an even more erotic supporting cast of femmes, butches, and drag kings. Strano plays a corrupt cop who just can't get enough pleasure from watching the sugar ho's beg and plead for a lick of her succulent lollypop. Shar is a born-again candy addict who preaches against the evil ways of the cane, but eventually comes screaming back for the sweet treat in an intense ménage á trois. Tossing into the mix are several other hot scenes where bent-over dykes are not afraid to do whatever it takes to make their suga' pimps happy. Laced with massive dildos and luscious candy, Sugar High Glitter City is sure to keep you tuned in and turned on from erotic and impassioned love-making to down-and-dirty, kinky sex.”

GayReading.com, Top Ten Lesbian Film Faves at Festivals (voted #4)


Sugar High Glitter City

DVD only. 82 minutes.
Extra scenes and outtakes.

  Available on DVD: $29.95
In Stock. Ships within 24 hours.

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