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Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot - not your mother’s orgasm book!
Revised 2nd Edition

By Deborah Sundahl$17.95BUY NOW!

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Alice Ladas
Foreword by Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D.
Preface to the Second Edition
What Learning about Female Ejaculation Can Do for You
How to Use this Book

Part 1: The Phenomenon of Female Ejaculation

Chapter 1: A Peek Inside a Female Ejaculation Workshop
Bumping and Grinding Down the Erotic Road to Female Ejaculation

Chapter 2: What Is Female Ejaculation?
Many Women Ejaculate–But Some Don’t Know It
An Expanded View of a Woman’s Sex Organ
Where Female Ejaculate Comes From
Types of Female Prostates
What Is Female Ejaculate?
The G-Spot’s Role in Female Ejaculation
Pelvic Muscles that Assist Female Ejaculation
The G-Spot Nerve
Orgasms and Female Ejaculation
All Women Have the Anatomy to Ejaculate

Chapter 3: The Ancient Herstory of Female Ejaculation
Liquor Vitae–Ancient Greece and Rome
Nectar of the Gods–Ancient India
The Third Water–The Taoist Tradition
Ejaculation Bowls–16th Century Japan
Amplexus Reservaturs–The Catholic Tradition in Medieval Europe
The Waters of Gaia–Indigenous Peoples

Part II: Techniques for a Feminine Fountain

Chapter 4: Ejaculate Without an Orgasm
The Right Mental Attitude
PC Muscle Strength and Flexibility
Turning in to Your Menstrual Cycle
Techniques for Learning to Ejaculate Without an Orgasm
Distinguishing Between the Ejaculation Sensations and the Urge to Pee!

Chapter 5: Ejaculate with an Orgasm
Three Kinds of Orgasms
Techniques for Ejaculating with an Orgasm
Ground the Romance
Women Who Run with the Water
A G-Spot and Ejaculation Journal
G-Spot Sex Toys

Chapter 6: Ejaculate with a Partner
“Honey, I want you so bad, I might gush all over you!”
Using Your Erotic Map
The Best Sexual Positions for Ejaculating
Mopping Up the Mess

Chapter 7: Men’s Role in Female Ejaculation
Men Who Love Female Ejaculation and Why
Women Who Love Men Who Love Female Ejaculation and Why
Helping Women to Ejaculate Successfully
Surefire Techniques
Male Multiple Orgasms Assist Female Ejaculation
Entering the Temple of Love

Part III: Embracing the Feminine Spring

Chapter 8: Heal Your G-Spot
Sexual Trauma and the G-Spot
Emotional Blocks to G-Spot Sensitivity
Give and Receive a G-Spot Massage
Sexual Healing Anecdotes
The Birth of the G-Spot Massage
A G-Spot Massage Session

Chapter 9: Connection to Self and Partner
An Ejaculation Lovemaking Scene
Tantra, Sacred Sex, and Female Ejaculation
The G-Spot is Alive and Well
What You Have Learned
What You Can Do Now

A Female Ejaculation Blessing


Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot - not your mother’s orgasm book!
Revised 2nd Edition

By Deborah Sundahl
244 pages
ISBN 978-0-89793-702-3

About the Author

See Details about the Book
$17.95BUY NOW!

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